the movement strategies &
refine the skills required to perform at a high level consistently
Solve problems
through identifying specific needs & providing long term solutions
sustainable habits
Build confidence
through Clear, Concise & Consistent teaching methods
football mindfulness


CPA is excited to present our school based flag football model for San Francisco area schools. Choose from our Girls Flag Football Spring League and our Coed Flag Football Fall League. Our school-based league allows athletes the chance to compete for their school in a fun and structured playing environment while developing skills at their own pace. Participation in our league allows for a unique class bonding experience outside of the school setting where teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline are developed.


Join the CPA Football Development Staff one of our football skill camps. The essence of our camps curriculum is teaching based and offers athlete’s, regardless of experience level, the unique opportunity to connect with football in a fun and structured playing environment while developing skills at their own pace.

Padded camps

The CPA Skill Padded Camp is designed to introduce safe and sustainable football movement strategies to coed athletes of all experience levels while enhancing skills and techniques specific to each athlete’s offensive and defensive positions. The essence of the camp curriculum is teaching based as participants will wear football gear with the goal of acclimating their bodies to pads while giving them the tools to be in the best position to compete in the fall.

Qb mindfulness camps

The QB Mindfulness Mini Camp is designed to introduce sustainable movement strategies specific to the QB position with the goal to build the infrastructure for “great habits.” With a curriculum tailored specifically for the needs of the quarterback position, participants will immerse themselves in sessions that groove the proper techniques, skills and movements required to perform at a consistently high level.

Skill Sessions

Specialized training in a small group setting that attacks both general and individual athlete needs connected to a specific position while integrating activities conducive to group cohesion.

Private training

Collaboratively build a custom and evolving curriculum plan tailored to address each athlete’s individual and specific needs while enhancing all aspects of their game. To best ensure optimal long-term development and goal achievement is realized, CPA training methods adhere to a systematic approach which promotes skill acquisition and technique development through the use of various sequential teaching styles and techniques.