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The CPA Flag Football School League is a flag football league whose teams are comprised of athletes from their respective schools. This school-based model allows athletes the chance to represent and compete for their school in a fun and structured playing environment while developing skills at their own pace. Participation in our league allows for a unique class bonding experience outside of the school setting where teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline are developed. Athletes, regardless of playing experience, will have the chance to display learned football skills in a recreational setting.

Our Flag Football School League allows us to move our mission forward as we continue to use football with intention by connecting our youth to fun, competitive, development centered activities that have a positive impact on their global health.


CPA is thrilled to present our Girls Flag Football School League this Spring for San Francisco area schools. Our school-based league offers female athletes from 1st to 8th grade, regardless of experience level, the unique opportunity to connect with football in a fun, structured, and non-judgmental playing environment while inspiring them to grow skills at their own pace.

Each grade level will have 4-8 teams in its division comprised of 5-12 athletes and will play 5 vs 6 non-contact flag football. The season will run for six weeks with the last two designated for the postseason; teams will play 6 games regardless of standings. Games will be played on Sundays at Westmoor High School in Daly City. Gameday times for each grade division is fixed for the entire season. The Sunday Gameday experience will include team practice time prior to the game. A maximum of two volunteer adult coaches will lead each team.

LEAGUE dates

Week 1 sunday, April 7
Week 2 sunday, April 14
Week 3 sunday, april 28
Week 4 sunday, may 5
Week 5 sunday, may 12
Week 6 sunday, may 19


what’s included in the league?

Team jersey with school name or mascot and player jersey number

CPA Flag Football branded shirt

CPA branded rubber bracelet

Professional gameday action photos and team picture

All football equipment including flag-belts and footballs

Playbook materials will be available for each teams coaching staff

What’s needED to play

Football, soccer, or baseball cleats with rubber molding is recommended – no metal spikes

Athletic shoes are okay

Mouth guard is recommended

Great attitude is required

common questions

Yes, if needed, a school can have multiple teams in the same grade division.

Yes, at the discretion of the coaches and participant families, a team can schedule additional practice time. The team coaches are responsible for the coordination of all practice logistics.

Yes, playing up or playing down a grade level is not allowed. The CPA Flag Football School League is a grade-based model.

Yes, our girls league is inclusive to girls only.

Absolutely not!

5 players is the minimum team size.

12 players is the suggested maximum team size.

Yes, as long as the team is okay with having more than the suggested maximum roster number and understands individual playing time will be affected.

Exceptions will be made depending on individual circumstance. CPA will review each request on a case-by-case basis.

No, the practice time is made available for each team prior to their game but is not mandatory. It’s up to each team and their coaches to coordinate how and if they want to utilize the gameday practice time slot.

No, athletes can play in their game regardless of whether they make it to the team practice prior to their game.